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Toyota Corolla-xli(1299cc) PKR 1,660,500 Toyota Corolla-gli-(1299cc) PKR 1,805,500 Toyota Corolla-gli-a/t (1299cc) PKR 1,880,500 Toyota Corolla-altis-1.6 PKR 2,015,500 Toyota Corolla-1.8-altis-m/t PKR 2,090,500 Toyota Corolla-1.8-altis-a/t PKR 2,215,500 Toyota Corolla-1.8-m/t-grande PKR 2,250,500 Toyota Corolla-1.8-cvt-grande PKR 2,400,500 Toyota Fortuner 2.7l-a/t (gasoline) PKR 4,909,000 Land Cruiser Prado Vx-a/t Gasoline)( 4.0 Cc Diesel ) PKR 19,544,000 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo A/t ( 3.0cc Diesel ) PKR 19,444,000 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo M/t ( 3.0cc Diesel ) PKR 13,987,500 Land Cruiser 200-gxr- M/t (4.5l Diesel ) PKR 20,744,500 Land Cruiser 200-gx-turbo-sw-m/t ( 4.5cc Diesel ) PKR 20,494,500 Land Cruiser 200-vx-turbo-sw-a/t (4.5l Petrol ) PKR 24,048,000 Land Cruiser Soft Top Std. ( 4.2cc Diesel ) PKR 11,535,000 Land Cruiser Hard Top Std. ( 4.2cc Diesel ) PKR 11,535,500 Land Cruiser Hard Top Lwb A/c, Clock. ( 4.2cc Diesel ) PKR 12,536,000 Land Cruiser Pickup-lwb With A/c & Audio ( 4.2cc Diesel) PKR 8,331,500 Hiace Comuter Std 15-seater Long Wheel Base-( 3.0-l ) Diesel PKR 3,454,000 Hiace Comuter Dual A/c, 15-seater -( 3.0l ) Diesel PKR 3,877,500 Hiace Commuter Dual A/c High Roof ( 3.0-l ) Diesel PKR 4,564,000 Toyota Hiace Commuter Std 2.7-petrol PKR 3,454,000 Toyota Hiace Std Roof Dual A/c, 2.7l-petrol PKR 3,808,000 Toyota Hiace Mid Roof Dual A/c, 2.7l-petrol PKR 4,211,000 Coaster High Roof 26-seater F/l PKR 8,179,000 Coaster High Roof 30-seater F/l PKR 8,279,000 Toyota Camry A/t Transmission 2.4-litre( C2.a2fe) PKR 10,981,500 Toyota Prius-a/t-1798cc PKR 4,522,800 Toyota Fortuner-trd Sportivo-2.7a/t (gasoline) PKR 5,159,000 Toyota Avanza 1.5l M/t Up Specs (gasoline) PKR 3,023,500 Land Cruiser 200- Vx A/t (4.6l Gasoline) PKR 24,149,000 Vigo Champ - Trd Sportivo (2494cc) PKR 4,022,000

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We are pleased to introduce the new color "1G3 GREY GRAPHITE" and discontinue "1A6 GUN METALLIC" from August 2016. Current color 1A6 GUN METALLIC will be accepted for July 2016 Delivery Month. However balance order entered till 07th June 2016 for post July 2016 deliveries will be accommodated. You are advised to take "1G3 GREY GRAPHITE" order for the delivery month August 2016 onwards.

Customer Satisfaction Campaign "CSC" for Corolla Altis 1.8L - VIN Plate

The corolla 1.8L Altis, with chassis numbers from ZRE172R-7000001 to ZRE172R-7014262 (Purchased from July)

Cabin Air Filter!

It has been observed that there is a general prevailing misconception that Cabin Air Filter (CAF) is required only for Air Conditioner performance and hence only replaced during summers. The CAF should be strictly replaced at regular intervals in accordance with the owner’s manual.


The attached list vehicles are equipped with 3 point lap shoulder belt assemblies in both outboard seating position of the second row seats. Due to the shape of the metal seat cushion frame, in the event of the high speed collision , principally in the frontal direction, there is a possibility that the lap belt webbing could contact a portion of seat cushion frame, become cut, and separate. If this occurs , the seat belt may not properly restrain the occupant, which could increase the risk of jury to an occupant in the event of crash.

Warranty Awareness Campaign!

> To raise awareness amongst customers regarding Toyota’s warranty. > To persuade customers to get their vehicles maintained from Toyota authorized dealerships. > To encourage purchase of Toyota Genuine Parts only.

Special Service Campaigns for Air Bag Inflator

Indus Motor Company has decided to conduct a Special Service Campaign in connection to Toyota Global Campaign for the Airbag Inflator for Toyota Hilux (Imported Models), Rav4 & Avensis




Toyota Corolla’s Variant: (Model 2009-2010) GLI 1300cc, (NZE140-2006621 to NZE140-2079584) ALTIS 1800cc (ZZE142-7401811 to ZZE142-7406839) DIESEL SALOON 2000cc (CE140-5001381 to CE140-5003570) TOYOTA CAMRY (Model 2006 to 2010) TOYOTA RAV4 (Model 2006 to 2009) The above vehicles (with power windows) are equipped with a driver side power window master switch containing sliding electrical contacts which, due to insufficient greasing, may get short circuit causing switch assembly to overheat and melt. A melting switch may produce smoke and potentially lead to a fire.


IMC is pleased to announce the partnership with Meezan Bank Limited to promote residual value financing on all CKD products. The residual value product has been designed to help consumer upgrade their existing vehicle. In order to support your selling activity IMC has committed the following consumer offer: a) Priority delivery to a limited volumes of Corolla & Fortuner financed through Meezan Bank on Residual value per month. b) Free Fuel worth Rs 50,000 for Fortuner Financing customer (Conventional + Residual Value). The dealerships are requested to get in touch with the regional representatives of Meezan Bank limited to facilitate walk in customer with financing information and promote this partnership.

Special Service Campaigns for Fortuner TRD Exhaust Pipe Muffler Cutter Adjustment!

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM! In some cases it is possible that rear bumper extension may be damaged by the heat from the exhaust pipe, if the muffler cutter is not at its correct position. LIST OF AFFECTED VEHICLES! TGN51R-9401263~TGN51R-9402109

Special Service Campaigns for Replacement of Jack

If your corolla frame number are following in the cut frame range please visit the nearest dealership to replace the vehicle jack. Chassis numbers from NZE170R-4000010 to NZE170R-4019194 (1.3 XLI &GLI) Chassis numbers from ZRE171R-6000003 to ZRE171R-6001370 (1.6 Altis) Chassis numbers from ZRE172R-7000006 to ZRE172R-7005570 (1.8 Altis) Chassis number from NZE170R – 4000010 to NZE170R – 4021654 (1.3 XLI & GLI) Chassis number from ZRE171R – 6000003 to ZRE171R – 6001530 (1.6 Altis) Chassis number from ZRE172R – 7000006 to ZRE172R – 7006380 (1.8 Altis)

Other Cars Maintenance Services

To facilitate our Toyota customers having other vehicles like BMW, MERCEDES and AUDI , we are offering maintenance services of these vehicle under one roof. Our goal is to always provide great services and high quality workmanship. For more details contact 0300-4338888.

Toyota Prius Good News

Now Toyota Airport has trained Prius Hybrid specialists for all kind of maintenance work with availability of complete range of parts and tools.