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Fortuner 4x2 Hi 2694cc Petrol PKR 6,437,000 Hiace Std 2.7 (petrol 2693cc) PKR 4,287,000 Hiace Std Roof Dual A/c 2.7(petrol 2693cc) PKR 4,647,500 Hiace Mid Roof Dual A/c 2.7 (petrol 2693cc) PKR 5,127,500 Hiace Std 15-seater (diesel-2.5-l) PKR 4,547,000 Hiace Std Roof Dual A/c 15-seater (diesel-2.5-l) PKR 4,947,500 Hiace High Roof Dual A/c 15-seater (diesel-2.5-l) PKR 5,775,000 Coaster 26-seater Low Spec-bb-04 PKR 5,670,000 Coaster 29-seater PKR 9,855,000 Camry A/t 2.5 (hybrid) Low Grade PKR 11,523,500 Prius-a/t-1798cc PKR 6,375,000 Avanza 1.5-l-m/t (made In Indonesia) PKR 4,156,000 Hilux Decless 2.5cc 4x2 PKR 2,706,000 Hilux 2.5cc 4x2 PKR 2,961,000 Hilux Upspec 4x2 2.5cc PKR 2,991,000 Hilux 4x4 2.8cc Std PKR 4,191,000 Revo E 2.8 Cc M/t PKR 4,582,000 Revo G 2.8cc M/t PKR 4,892,000 Revo G 2.8cc A/t PKR 5,122,000 Revo V 2.8cc A/t PKR 5,432,000 Land Cruiser Prado Vxl-a/t Petrol PKR 29,546,500 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo Vx-a/t PKR 29,196,500 Land Cruiser Prado Turbo Tx-m/t PKR 20,740,000 Land Cruiser 200 Vx-turbo Sw A/t (diesel) PKR 36,299,000 Land Cruiser 200 Gx-turbo Sw M/t (4.5cc Diesel) PKR 29,895,500 Land Cruiser 200 Vx Turbo Sw A/t (petrol) PKR 35,000,500 Coaster 30-seater Hzb-a2 PKR 8,621,000 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Soft Topm/t-diesel PKR 16,788,000 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Hard Top Topm/t-diesel PKR 16,788,000 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Pick Up M/t-diesel PKR 13,654,000 Fortuner 4x4 Hi 2755cc Diesel (sigma4) PKR 6,837,000 Camry A/t 2.5 (hybrid) High Grade PKR 12,024,000 Corolla Xli 1.3 PKR 2,076,000 Corolla Xli A/t 1.3 PKR 2,151,000 Corolla Gli M/t 1.3 PKR 2,331,000 Corolla Gli A/t 1.3 PKR 2,406,000 Corolla Altis 1.6 PKR 2,606,000 Corolla Altis 1.8 M/t PKR 2,721,000 Corolla Altis 1.8 Cvti PKR 2,846,000 Corolla Altis 1.8 M/t Grande PKR 2,896,000 Corolla Altis 1.8 Cvti Grande PKR 3,031,000 Toyota Rush-g-m/t PKR 3,966,500 Toyota Rush-g-a/t PKR 4,086,500 Toyota Rush-s-a/t PKR 4,186,500

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Best in Sales Central Region 2018

Alhamdulillah.. Toyota Airport motors has won .. "Best in sales Award in region " and " nominated as Best in Sales Nationwide " Thank you our dedicated employees and our valuable Customers for your support..

Service Compaign

We request all our valued customer/users of the above mentioned Toyota Corolla to kindly contact Toyota Airport Motors for an Appointment to have the Airbag Sensors Inspected and / or relaced free of cost. During the visit the customer can also avail complementary car wash.

Toyota Fortuner Extended Warranty

Toyota Extended Warranty Program 3 years/ 75,000 KMs (Whichever comes first) Price: PKR 29,999

Cabin Air Filter!

It has been observed that there is a general prevailing misconception that Cabin Air Filter (CAF) is required only for Air Conditioner performance and hence only replaced during summers. The CAF should be strictly replaced at regular intervals in accordance with the owner’s manual.

Warranty Awareness Campaign!

> To raise awareness amongst customers regarding Toyota’s warranty. > To persuade customers to get their vehicles maintained from Toyota authorized dealerships. > To encourage purchase of Toyota Genuine Parts only.

Special Service Campaigns for Air Bag Inflator

Indus Motor Company has decided to conduct a Special Service Campaign in connection to Toyota Global Campaign for the Airbag Inflator for Toyota Hilux (Imported Models), Rav4 & Avensis